Web Designer:

We are looking for a Webdesigner - Senior Multipurpose Designer. When you look at the advertisements around you, you can only see design flaws. When someone gives you a gift you are more focused on the packaging than the item. You get dizzy when you see things are not aligned. You are convinced that we can make it simple and beautiful. Your ex-former colleagues will regret losing their best element. You are already in the future, the trend is you creating it. Then you have come to the right job offer !! We are looking for an aesthetic freak, a creative genius without the "crazy" side, an eternal dissatisfied pragmatist, our versatile web designer - designer. You have a real passion for web design and more broadly for visual communication.

Missions & skills required:

‣ Design of responsive website mockups

‣ Customization of web templates

‣ Creation of visuals for social networks

‣ Realization of print works (posters, business cards, logos ...)

‣ Document layout (brochures, slides, white papers)

‣ Mastery of the Creative Suite (Photoshop, XD, Illustrator, InDesign, ...)

‣ Coordination with project managers to design the perfect site for our clients

‣ Knowledge of HTML / CSS and constraints related to responsive design

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Table operator (Picker):

Within a luxury leather goods and footwear company, you will be required to do table work (preparation for stitching, assembly by gluing etc.) and stitching on leather. You will access this position at the end of internal training if you are just starting out. We will receive candidates who have passed the simulation exercises (simulation recruitment method).
Required profile:

Experience: Beginner accepted

Skills needed:

Security rules
Machine stitching techniques
Bonding techniques
Characteristics of leathers and skins
Crimping techniques
Characteristics of flexible materials
Use of leather sewing machine
Characteristics of the wires
Use of flat machine
Data sheet reading
Characteristics of adhesives
Use of automatic sewing machine
Use of cannon sewing machine
Using pillar sewing machine
Use of hand sewing machine
Assembly techniques
Position (place on place, ...) the parts, decorative or reinforcing elements for assembly
Assemble the parts of the article flat
Assemble the parts of the article (front, back, blanks, ...) on form or in volume
Detect the causes of product anomalies and transmit to the maintenance department
Assemble-assemble leather goods
Carry out reinforcement operations
Perform decorative stitching operations
Complete polishing, smoothing and pampering
Check the conformity of a production
Adjust machine and equipment parameters
Drive a workstation
Remove a non-compliant product from stock

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Join one of the world leaders in leather goods and luxury footwear manufacturing